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The Boston Globe

In July of 1999 Boston Globe reporter, Judith Gaines, followed filmmaker, Melanie Perkins, for a period of six months documenting the search for Andy in an eight-part serial.

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Other Coverage

ABC News PrimeTime Live "Predators Among Us"
Have You Seen Andy? Filmmaker Melanie Perkins discusses her personal documentary

Lawrence Eagle Tribune 1998-99

'Have You Seen Andy?'
August 21, 1998
Police Officer Is Adamant About Boy's Grave Spot
August 23, 1998
Never-Ending Pain, Never-Ending Hope Over Child Lost 22 Years Ago
August 24, 1998
Story Of Missing Boy Nets Promising Developments
August 31, 1998
Puglisi File: Thicker, But Not Closed
September 27, 1998
Deathbed Tale Leaves Murder Mystery
February 28, 1999
Dogs To Search For Buried Bodies
March 18, 1999
Dog Searches For Children Missing 20 Years
April 14, 1999
Break In 23-Year-Old Murder?
May 19, 1999
Police Dig For Andy's Body
May 28, 1999
Andy's Family Still Hoping
May 30, 1999

Historical coverage from 1976

Search Continues for Lawrence Boy
August 23, 1976 Search for Missing 10-year-old Expands as Divers Join Effort
August 24, 1976 Young Angelo's 'just not that brave'
August 25, 1976 60 Green Berets continue search for missing youth near aunt's Dracut home
August 27, 1976 Search for Boy Ends After Six-Day Effort



“A powerful documentary…an extraordinary film”
BBC News

“An absorbing, often tormenting glimpse at the mystery surrounding an unspeakable crime whose reverberations live on.”
The Hollywood Reporter

“A distinguished contribution to the true-crime genre…the loving testament of a woman who never allowed herself to forget her ill-fated playmate.”
The Washington Post

"Every minute of "Have You Seen Andy?" is riveting" Boston Globe

"A compelling documentary... Stories like Andy's will never be forgotten and
remain the driving force behind the mission of NCMEC." John Rabun/NCMEC

“…truly terrifying…”
The Boston Herald

“A compelling documentary memorializing the tragic disappearance of a young boy from Massachusetts. It demonstrates how the abduction of one child impacts families, friends, law enforcement and entire communities. Although the abduction of Andy occurred in 1976, the aftereffects are present today and remain as painful reminders that these cases must be resolved. Stories like Andy’s will never be forgotten and remain the driving force behind the mission of NCMEC .”

John B. Rabun, EVP & COO
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children