“Have You Seen Andy?” is the personal story of a childhood friendship abruptly ended by the tragic abduction of a young boy. On a hot summer day in August 1976, ten year-old Andy Puglisi was playing along with dozens of other children at the Higgins Memorial Pool in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Then suddenly, he disappeared. Twenty-two years later, filmmaker Melanie Perkins, Andy's childhood friend, begins her search for answers in this powerful feature-length documentary.

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Andy Puglisi, age 9

Melanie Perkins, age 10

Melanie Perkins, 2007

Wayne W. Chapman, a suspect in Andy’s abduction. Mug shot 1976 Mug shot 1976

Wayne W. Chapman 2006

Charles Pierce a suspect in Andy’s abduction

Lawrence police detectives search the wooded area near where Andy vanished 1976. Copyright Eagle Tribune Publishing.

Volunteers search for Andy Puglisi August 1976.

2008 Emmy Award Winner "Best Investigative Journalism"