On a hot summer day in August, 1976....

More than seven years in the making, Melanie Perkins' "Have You Seen Andy?" uncovers new and startling information about the unsolved disappearance of a little boy and the facts surrounding the initial police investigation. The feature-length documentary explores the events of that fateful afternoon and re-examines the national search for Andy.

Some of the facts of this case are shocking -- there were at least five "known pedophiles" at the pool that day. Chilling audiotapes - uncovered by the filmmaker - offer a rare glimpse into the mind of the prime suspect as he stalks a school bus full of young children. Despite mounting evidence, to this day the police have yet to question the suspect about Andy's disappearance.

The filmmaker's persistence in researching the story, uncovering new evidence, urging witnesses to come forward for the first time and following up on old leads forces the police to re-open the investigation after more than 20 years. As a child who grew up with Andy's family and friends, the filmmaker has privileged access to the people who knew Andy best. "Have You Seen Andy?" brings the viewer inside one unsolved case where they become captivated by the mother who still longs for her son, the policemen who feels he could have done a better job, or the close friend who is so haunted that she continues to follow up on her friend's abduction to this day .

58,000 children disappear every year in America. This is the story of one of those children, Andy Puglisi, a boy who represents all of the children who have fallen through the cracks over the years - children who are gone but are never forgotten.

"Have You Seen Andy?” premiered on HBO/Cinemax in June 2007.


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